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detective (ret.) & writer with a passion for solving cold cases


          Lindsey served as a Tacoma Police Officer for twenty-one years. She has an impressive track record of utilizing her keen investigative instincts to solve violent crimes. During her fourteen years as a detective, she investigated sexual assaults, child abuse, missing persons, and homicides. She retired in 2018 as the Tacoma Police Department’s cold case detective.

          After retiring from the Tacoma Police Department, Lindsey joined the Washington State Attorney General’s Office as a Senior Investigator assigned to the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative to pursue her passion—using DNA to solve cold cases. In 2019, Lindsey worked with state legislators to pass a new DNA law in Washington known as Jennifer & Michella’s Law.

          Lindsey is a member of the National Institute of Justice Cold Case Working Group, the International Homicide Investigators Association, and in 2017, she created the Washington State Cold Case Working Group.

She is a former member of the FBI ViCAP National Advisory Board and teaches child abduction response and cold case investigations for the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley Technical College. As a subject matter expert, Lindsey has been a speaker at numerous law enforcement conferences around the country, lecturing on cold cases, sex crimes, DNA, and child abduction response.

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