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About Lindsey Wade

    Lindsey always knew she wanted to be a detective. Her inspiration came after reading about the terrifying murders committed by notorious serial killer Ted Bundy who grew up in her hometown of Tacoma, Washington. Also seared into her memory was the 1986 murder of a young girl who’d been out for a bike ride in a local park when she went missing. The teen was later found brutally murdered, but the case was never solved. The senseless killing of an innocent young girl would leave an indelible black cloud over Tacoma for three decades. 

    Lindsey’s twenty-one-year law enforcement career was motivated by the horrifying crimes against young women and girls that impacted her as a child and ignited her relentless pursuit of justice for victims.

    Take a walk in her shoes as Detective Wade investigates some of the most shocking sex crimes and homicides in the Tacoma area. From serial rapists to cold blooded killers—Detective Lindsey Wade never backed down from the challenges these investigations presented.

    Her unique perspective as a biracial female detective working in a male dominated profession gave Lindsey a special connection to the victims and families she helped over the years.

    In 2018, dogged determination along with her unwavering passion for solving cold cases ultimately led Detective Wade and her team to finally solve the thirty-two-year old mystery of who killed the little girl from 1986.

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